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Here are some funny stories and jokes I've received in email forwards. Share them with your friends through Facebook, email, or wherever. Some are true stories, and some are fictional stories. Some came from Leona's Brain Candy. New or updated funny stories are in bold font.

The Ant and Grasshopper Have we lost fairness in a search for equality?
Bananas Conductor A bananas bus conductor with anger issues survives multiple execution attempts. What is his secret?
Bible Jokes A collection of Bible jokes, mostly puns.
Brain Teasers These brain teasers can be hard to figure out if you haven't heard the answers before.
Church Bulletins Typos and other mistakes in church bulletins can deliver a message very different from the one intended.
Clever Dog A sneaky dog tricks a leopard and monkey.
Colored A black guy explains the irony of white people calling him colored.
Correct Email A missent email sends a disturbing message.
Cowboy A Texan cowboy bluffs his way into getting back his stolen horse.
Cows National stereotypes are presented in an amusing way.
Dangerous Stuttering A man's stuttering proves confusing and dangerous.
Dave Berry Quotes Humor columnist Dave Berry shared some quotes.
Dear Tide Tide receives a disturbing letter of praise.
Definitions Definitions you won't find in the dictionary.
Deputy Wife A woman helps a cop catch her husband breaking more laws.
Designated Decoy A policeman is puzzled by a man who seems drunk but passes the breathalyzer.
Divorced Barbie A dad gets a lesson in Barbie pricing.
Dog Fight? How could a Chihuahua kill a Doberman Pincher?
Don't Shout The deaf modify a common saying so that it applies to them.
Engineer and Manager An engineer and manager easily identify each other.
Excuse Notes Excuse notes take on different meanings with lack of clarity and misspelled words.
Expert Salesman An inexperienced salesman manages to sell a store's ugliest suit.
Farmer Brown What seems like a diversion in court by a fraud turns out to be the key testimony.
Fishing A young salesman pulls off an amazing sale.
Fool Quotes Here are some foolish sounding quotes from politicians.
Fun Facts(?) Potentially factual, these are interesting and surprising.
Funny Quotes These funny quotes range from insightful to cynical.
Gambling Quiz A quiz tests the ability to pay close attention.
God Destroys Earth Newspapers react to the news that God will again destroy the earth.
GM vs. Microsoft Computers are compared favorably with cars for advancement, but cars seem more reliable in use.
Great Truths These are the great truths that you realize were obvious once you've read them.
Grey Parents With children like this girl, parents' hair will be grey if they haven't pulled it all out.
The Hardship of Accounting Robert Frost writes about the hardship of accounting.
How Business is Done A cunning businessman creatively gets his son in with financially powerful men.
Hypocrites Two men expose extreme devotion.
I Hate Life! Trash can be frustrating and cause an overreaction.
Indian Ingenuity A trusty Indian scout impresses a General but has a surprise response.
Kids in Church Kids get some funny ideas on church topics.
Lightbulbs A collection of some screwing in lightbulb jokes.
Limericks Here are some limericks that were received in Leona's Brain Candy emails.
Lincoln's Donkey Instead of just telling favor seekers to leave him alone, Lincoln ridicules them cleverly with a story.
Lying Politicians The bad reputation of politicians comes back to haunt some.
Minister Cometh A young minister falls onto a congregation member after delivering an unintentional warning.
Modern Noah The Ark proves to be more difficult for Noah to build in modern times.
Mother Common mom quotes are shown to contain more broad advice than previously thought.
Odd News Here are some odd news stories that were received in Leona's Brain Candy emails.
Of Studies and Taco Bell Here is a comparison of the original work Of Studies by Sir Francis Bacon and a fun Of Taco Bell parody.
Personality Quiz Here's a short personality quiz.
Plant the Wheat A man in prison has a clever way to help his wife plant their crops.
Plants Saving the plants from the cold can cause problems..
Product Warning Labels Product warning labels ranging from funny to ridiculous.
Proverbs I try to make the best of school work. Here are spelling and vocabulary words used in sentences.
Puns Here are some puns that were received in Leona's Brain Candy emails.
Real Sherlock Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believes he's met a real-life Sherlock Holmes driving a cab.
Rednecks Redneck humor manifests itself in a letter from a mother to her son.
Riddles These riddles can be hard to figure out if you haven't heard the answers before.
Question Game A Tax Accountant wins the question game and some sleep.
Safe Driver Award A police officer awards the Safe Driver Award, but there's a lot the officer is unaware of.
Say What? Here are some common sayings stated differently. See if you can figure them out.
Shrimp Shells A wife being divorced sabotages the house that her husband is keeping in a sneaky and creative way.
Soap Opera A man has fun with soap during a two-week hotel stay.
Speeding Excuse What could possibly be an original excuse for speeding? Haven't cops already heard it all?
Valuable Art Good news of selling paintings is overshadowed by the reason for their sale.
Virus Joke I hope to never get this virus.
Water or Coke? Water is praised over Coke by using exaggerations and outright lies.
Water Walk Reporters fail to report an amazing story because of political bias.
Where Pets Come From A dog and cat provide balance to the first humans.
Which Tire? Lying to postpone a final exam is a bad idea.
Why Computers Crash Dr. Seuss Explains Why Computers Crash.
Worst Things A teenage girl has good news and bad news for her mother.