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Inspiring stories, poems, and quotes that you can share with your friends through emails, Facebook, or wherever. Christian stories that touch the heart or teach a moral lesson. These are motivational life stories that are family friendly. Many of the stories were received in email forwards, and I have collected the best of them to share with you. Some are true stories, and some are fiction stories, which are more like parables. New touching stories are in bold font.

2 Quizzes 2 quizzes illustrate that the best of the best aren't remembered as well as those who had a real impact on our lives.
10 Encouragements These 10 encouraging statements could very well be true for you.
11 Rules Some good advice for our politically correct feel-good culture that is failing to prepare young people for the real world.
50 Words 50 words tell the main stories of the Bible.
57 Cents Read the true story about how a girl's small donation accomplished much more than expected.
Abortion We don't remember the things we thought before we were born, but how about the day of birth? The day after? Just because we don't remember early thoughts, does that mean we didn't have them?
Alphabetical Friend Good friend attributes can be found that begin with every letter of the alphabet.
Ann Margaret A performer shows her appreciation for servicemen.
A Baby's Hug An inspiring story tells of how a baby reminded his mother to look beyond outward appearance.
The Baseball Game Love is shown to a boy with a learning disability during a baseball game.
Big Wheel A single mother with six kids in extremely difficult circumstances finds relief in God's grace through everyday angels.
Bin Laden Warning A poem warns Osama Bin Laden that he made a mistake coordinating the terrorist attacks on 9/11.
Bird A bird's behavior in gathering material for its nest can teach us a lesson.
Brick A man's damaged car reminds him of a moral lesson.
Cab Ride A cab driver gives an old lady one last stroll down memory lane.
Call From God A "call from God" prevents a suicide attempt.
Chalk An atheist professor's method to show God doesn't exist doesn't work out the way he plans.
Checking In A minister discovers the honesty of a suspicious Christian.
Comet The true story of the pet cat that my family had for about 12 years.
The Cornfield A spider receives a warning from her lunch but disregards it.
Cracked Pot This is an encouraging tale of how a cracked pot still has a use.
Cross A desperate Christian discovers how fortunate he is.
Child Abuse Poem A poem shares a sad story about an abused child whose only friend is a teddy bear.
Child Abuse Poem 2 Another poem reminds us of children suffering from abuse.
Cute Kids Children can be so loving and inspirational.
Doll A little boy gets help buying gifts for his mom and sister.
Donkey A donkey's owner gives up on it, but the donkey is determined to live.
Drive Carefully A tragic story reminds us of the dangers of being distracted by cell phones and other things while driving.
Drunk Driving The tragic death of a well-behaved girl reminds us of the evil of drinking and driving.
Fence Man A Christian themed story reminds us that whoever is not for Jesus is against Him.
Flowers A clever poem reminds us of the importance of not tolerating physical abuse.
God's Boxes An encouraging poem about two boxes tells us how God would have us deal with blessings and sorrows.
God's Email Christians and non-Christians alike are reminded of how far from perfect they are.
God's Letter to You Don't forget to read your letter from God.
God Says God's Word answers our worries.
God's Smell A little girl remembers God's love for her in her most difficult time.
Hate Anyone? A teacher's dart game reveals the severity of hate.
Highway 109 Two young boys miraculously survive a horrendous car accident and tell an equally amazing story.
Homeschooled In an inspiring story, a little girl shows that homeschooling works.
How the Poor Live A boy defines "poor" differently from his father.
iCarly When you listen to a lot of Christian music, you can start hearing a Christian message even in regular songs. The song written for the iCarly theme song appears to be a special case though.
Ice Cream A innocent young boy shows kindness to a rude woman.
In God We Trust A rich man values pennies for their message from God.
Iron Cross Would you give gold and silver for iron? Could the iron somehow be more valuable?
I've Learned Here is a list of insightful things someone has learned about life.
I Wish You Enough A man explains an unusual blessing.
Jimmy's Letter In this story full of hope, a little boy writes his mom from Heaven.
Keepers A person discusses how some things are better kept than disposed of and that people are not disposable.
Kids' Love A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined.
The King's Highway A poor man unexpectedly wins the king's contest due to his suprerior character.
Kisses A darling little girl gives her father a priceless gift.
Kyle A boy helps and befriends a new classmate and realizes only four years later how much of an impact his kindness had.
Last Request A girl wishes she obeyed her parents because the result of her disobedience was terrible, but it was even worse than she knew.
Leaving 99 A song by Audio Adrenaline expounds on the inspiring idea Jesus shares in the parable of the lost sheep.
The Littlest Firefighter A touching story based on the true tale of the first Make a Wish Foundation kid.
The Lord's Home Run An allegory uses a baseball game to illustrate God's plan for your life.
The Lord's Prayer A routine prayer is interrupted unexpectedly, but the interruption helps make the prayer much more meaningful.
Lotus Totus This is a list of moral lessons and other tips and statements about friendship.
Love Family A touching poem and some insights remind us of the value of families.
Military Pay A serviceman defends a pay raise for the military.
Miracle In this positive story, a little girl buys a miracle for pretty cheap.
My Attorney Jesus speaks on behalf of Christians.
No Time Christians are reminded to take time for God in their lives.
Nutshell Declining morality is blamed for misfortunes.
Online Safety A young girl learns a lesson about giving out personal information and trusting people online.
Pickle Jar A father employs a pickle jar to instill virtues and show his love.
The Pretty One How do you define pretty?
Proof A student refutes a professor's reasons for atheism.
Public Prayer A Christian discusses why it should not be a problem to have a prayer at a football game and expresses hope for freedom of religious expression.
Push A man learns that God wants our obedience.
Quotes Inspiring quotes hold various bits of wisdom.
Quotes 2 More inspirational quotes.
The Scorpion A man tries to save a stinging scorpion and draws a moral lesson from it.
Seize the Day A poem reminds us of the value of friends.
Special Daddy A young girl remembers her dad who died in the September 11th attacks.
Speeding A man who gets pulled over for speeding gets a surprise.
Take the Son A man's will illustrates that his son was more valuable than expensive paintings.
Tall Prayer Answers A young woman discovers that her prayer was answered in an unusual way.
Teach the Children Santa explains the religious meaning of common Christmas items.
Terrorists in Churches A well-known terrorist's name is used to explain what's wrong in today's churches.
The Girl in a Pink Dress An amazing incident with a little girl in the park encourages us to think of others.
The Room A guy finds himself in a room with a strange card catalog.
The USA - Good Folks Here are some facts to make Americans proud of their country.
The Visit A woman realizes that Jesus takes how you treat others personally.
Things God Won't Ask We are reminded that God cares about different things than much of the world does.
Things Not as They Seem An insightful story of two angels illustrates how justice is not always obvious.
Trouble Tree A Christian plumber has a great way to be rid of his troubles.
Twelve Days of Christmas The song the 12 Days of Christmas is explained.
Who God Used An encouraging list from the Bible that shows God can use anyone, despite shortcomings.
What Goes Around In this story, the positive side of "what goes around comes around" is illustrated.
Who You Are A school project saves a boy's life.