Bad Things About Abortion

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  1. Abortion logically leads to infanticide. Here's why: unless conception of a new human individual is reason for a right-to-life, no reason for a right-to-life can be found until at least months after birth. The only significant difference between an infant and animals that we eat is the same difference between a zygote and those animals - the fact that the individual is a human being.
  2. Most rape victims don't want abortions, yet they are mentioned to make people who are pro-life seem heartless and uncaring toward them. An approving attitude toward abortion can coerce an already traumatized rape victim to have an abortion at the risk of her health and emotional well-being. Pro-choice advocates disguise a desire for license to kill (or even just a desire to win an argument) as sympathy for rape victims while not caring what further harm comes to them due to abortions. They think rape victims who get abortions are heroes of women's rights? I doubt they feel like heroes.
  3. Conception can usually be prevented if a rape victim seeks immediate medical treatment.
  4. If a woman without the finances to raise a child becomes pregnant, she will want to take care of her child anyway and will find a way if she loves her child. If she does not love her child, she can/should place the child for adoption.
  5. Babies placed for adoption instead of aborted would not be unwanted. The people wanting to adopt babies greatly outnumber the babies being placed for adoption.
  6. Teenagers are physically better equipped to experience pregnancy than older women.
  7. A law against abortion would not affect a person acting in self-defense against a deadly threat. The right to self-defense is already recognized in law for those who outright kill another adult person to save their own life.
  8. Before Roe v. Wade, there were approximately 100,000 abortions per year. Afterward, there were 1.5 million.
    • Abortion isn't safe, even when it's legal.
    • We should offer real alternatives so women don't feel they have to kill their children.
    • If she wants to commit violence against her own baby, we don't owe it to her to make it safe.

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